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The Bowden tube is a critical component of the Mark Two 3D printer. It transports filament from the reel to the extruder. In the case of the Fibre Bowden Tube, a CFF material is transported to the extruder where it is melted down. Without a Bowden Cable, the printing process cannot begin. Hence, the importance of maintaining Bowden Tubes properly.

One aspect of the Bowden Tube that is often overlooked with regards to maintenance is the tube tips. The tube tips are the areas of the Bowden tube which meet the filament reel and the extruder. These are high-use areas of the Bowden Tube so they are subject to a lot more wear and tear than the middle of the Bowden Tube. The good news is that these can be replaced directly and inexpensively, without the need to replace the whole Bowden Tube.

The product you are looking at here today is an official and genuine MarkForged product. It is a tube tip pack consisting of x 5 tube tips. This 5-pack of Mark Two Fibre Nozzle Tube Tips will keep your Bowden Tube in tip top shape. We recommend replacing the tube tips whenever they start to show serious signs of wear and tear, or at the first signs of failure.

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