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The Markforged Mark Two and Onyx Pro have two extruders. One is dedicated to printing onyx (plastic extruder), while the other is dedicated to printing composites (fibre extruder). This fibre extruder is a unique component that enables it to 3D print parts with the strength of 6061 aluminium. It prints carbon fibre, fibreglass or Kevlar and reinforces parts during the print process with continuous strands of fibre.


When should I replace the Fibre extruder?

You may need to replace your fibre extruder if your Mark Two or Onyx Pro cannot extrude properly. Signs that your printer may be experiencing issues include a slowing down of the print process, an inconsistency when the composite is being extruded or skipping mid-print. The extruder mechanism itself is an incredibly robust part. However, it can become damaged if misused or mishandled. It can also become damaged in transit. If your fibre extruder has become damaged, then you will need to buy a replacement part.


The Fibre Extruder for sale here is a genuine Markforged part. It is a direct replacement for your printer’s existing fibre extruder. Replacing the extruder is a 10-minute job and once installed you will be ready to go. If you need any help choosing a part for your Markforged printer, call us on 01765 540 115 or contact us here

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