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The Benefits Of Additive Manufacturing
The 2nd Industrial Revolution

Additive Manufacturing, commonly referred to as 3D Printing, refers to a range of technologies coined to be the 2nd Industrial Revolution. These technologies are being adopted by a wide range of industries with the capacity to speed up innovation and improve manufacturing. Each technology has different advantages and is another tool in the toolbox for engineers, designers, scientists and academics.

Gartner predict that over 217,000 3D printers will be shipped Worldwide in 2015¹ and according to the McKinsey Global Institute, 3D printing could have a $550 billion impact by the year 2025².

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How It's Being Used

3D printing is already being used in a wide range of industries:

  • 3D printing is used in aeronautics to create more efficient propellers.
  • The aerospace industry is using it to 3D print parts in space.
  • It's being used in architecture to create 3D dimensional models of buildings and projects.
  • Artists are using it to create new and interesting pieces.
  • Additive manufacturing is being used in dentistry alongside 3D scanning to produce replicas of teeth, crowns and even various dental tools.
  • It's being used in engineering to create prototypes and parts.
  • Manufacturers are using it to reduce wastage, improve efficiency and cost effectively create bespoke products.
  • The medical industry is using it to create prosthetics.
  • Product designers are using 3D printing to speed up the design process, fail faster and bring new products to market quicker.
  • It's being used to aid research in the science & technology industries.
What Other Universities/Colleges Are Doing

Because it is growing and innovating so far, 3D printing is being used widely across the UK by Colleges and Universities:

  • The University of Sheffield has opened the Centre for Advanced Additive Manufacturing (AdAM) where they are actively researching and developing Additive Manufacturing technologies.
  • At The University of Nottingham they have created the EPSRC Centre for Innovative Manufacturing in Additive Manufacturing which allows for research and collaboration.
  • The University of Essex has created the Centre for Additive Layer Manufacturing which has supported more than 200 companies and created £20 million worth of growth.

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