Formlabs Soft Tissue Starter Pack

A colour customizable soft model material for working digital prosthetic case
Lead-time 7-10
£215.00 £258.00

Formlabs library of Dental Resins enables dental practices and labs to rapidly manufacture a range of dental products in-house, from biocompatible surgical guides and splints to fixed prosthetic and clear aligner models. 


Use the Soft Tissue Starter Pack to create your own Soft Tissue Resin in customizable dark, medium, and light pink shades. Soft Tissue Resin is used to 3D print flexible gingiva masks for use in combination with rigid dental models. Confidently check implant prosthetics by adding removable soft tissue components to your model production.


Printer compatibility: Form 3, Form 3B, Form 2

More Information
Materials Dental Resin
Manufacturer SKU PKG-ST-FMYW
Brand Formlabs
  • Formlabs Soft Tissue Starter Pack
  • Flexible 80A
  • Magenta Pigment
  • Yellow Pigment
  • White Pigment
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