Formlabs High-Temp Resin Cartridge (1L) V2

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Formlabs’ High-Temp Resin is a high-performance resin that’s been designed for prototyping. It has an extremely high heat deflection temperature of 238 °C, which makes it suitable for injection moulding and testing hot air and fluid flow.


High-Temp Resin is also Ideally suited to production processes like casting and thermoforming. It’s mouldable and extremely durable when printed, and it offers a very high level of detail reproduction. It has the highest heat deflection temperature of any 3D printing material on the market making it capable of withstanding significant thermal stress.


This resin comes supplied as a cartridge, for use with the Form 2, Form 3 and Form 3L 3D printers.


Formlabs’ High-Temp Resin is suited to design, engineering and manufacturing applications where extreme thermal resistance is desired. 


Please Note
- High temp resin prints must be soaked in IPA for no longer than 10 minutes or it will begin to absorb the IPA.
- It must be dried thoroughly before UV curing to avoid cracking.
- Post curing is necessary to achieve the high heat deflection temperature.
- Post curing using a UV light with wavelength between 365nm and 405nm (for best results use 365nm) for 1 hour.

More Information
Materials High Temp Resin
Manufacturer SKU RS-F2-HTAM-02
Version V2
Brand Formlabs
  • Formlabs High-Temp Resin
  • Can I reuse resin?
    Yes. You can reuse resin that is in your tank after a print, please do not return resin to the resin cartridge to avoid potential contamination. The Form 2 orange cover protects unused resin from ambient light.
  • Can I store unused resin in the resin tank?
    Outside of the printer or resin cartridge, resin can be stored in the standard Resin Tank with the lid on for up to one month and in Resin Tank LT with the lid on for up to two months. Empty or use any excess resin before storing resin tanks for longer than this. Do not pour liquid resin back into the original container.
  • Can I mix version 1 and version 2?
    No, version 1 and 2 are separate materials and require separate resin tanks.
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