Formlabs Resin Update

Formlabs have announced that they are retiring their Flexible Resin and Draft Resin

With the introduction of Flexible 80A Resin in June 2020 and a new formulation of Draft Resin in October of the same year, we’d like to inform you that Formlabs is retiring the legacy versions of Flexible Resin and Draft Resin. As of now, they are longer available for direct purchase.

Flexible Resin was a legacy formulation of Flexible 80A Resin. Flexible 80A Resin is the stiffest soft-touch material in the Formlabs family of Flexible and Elastic Resins, with an 80A Shore durometer to simulate the flexibility of rubber or TPU. Balancing softness with strength, Flexible 80A Resin can withstand bending, flexing, and compression, even through repeated cycles. Flexible 80A Resin is now recommended for prototyping soft-touch parts that require high tear strength and flexibility.

Draft Resin V1 is a legacy formulation of our current Draft Resin. Our newest formulation prints up to 4 times faster than Standard Resins and offers improved speed,  surface finish, and a more professional appearance with its new grey look. Additive-X have a few of the Draft Resin V1 (1L) left  in stock at a discounted price so give us a call or click this  Draft Resin Link

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