Formlabs Tough Resin Cartridge V5 (1L)

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Please Note: The V5 formulation of Tough Resin is identical to V4. If you have an existing resin tank with V4 you can safely use a V5 cartridge with it as V4 and V5 can be safely mixed. Please see the image gallery for the image change.

This Formlabs Tough Resin Cartridge is made for the Form 2, Form 3 and Form 3L 3D printers.

Formlabs’ Tough Resin is designed for applications in engineering, manufacturing and prototyping. It’s a super-strong, super-tough and impact-resistant resin that answers all the durability challenges engineers face with 3D printing.

We have seen hammers, spanners, knives and forks and even snap-fit joints made from Tough Resin and promotional videos published by Formlabs show its ability to withstand hammer blows with ease. The material is similar to ABS, but it absorbs more energy than its plastic counterpart making it more durable.

As a result, Formlabs’ Tough Resin is best suited to high-impact and high-stress components and snap-fit joints and hinges, and it can also be machined after it’s been printed making it all the more versatile.

The downside to this insane strength and durability is a lack detail. It’s not the best resin for fine features or thin parts, or rigid or stiff prints. It also requires UV post-cure. But if you have the need for ABS-rivalling strength, then this resin is unrivalled in the Formlabs range.

More Information
Materials Tough Resin
Manufacturer SKU RS-F2-TOTL-05
Version V5
Brand Formlabs
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  • Can I reuse resin?
    Yes. You can reuse resin that is in your tank after a print, please do not return resin to the resin cartridge to avoid potential contamination. The Form 2 orange cover protects unused resin from ambient light.
  • Can I store unused resin in the resin tank?
    Outside of the printer or resin cartridge, resin can be stored in the standard Resin Tank with the lid on for up to one month and in Resin Tank LT with the lid on for up to two months. Empty or use any excess resin before storing resin tanks for longer than this. Do not pour liquid resin back into the original container.
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