Formlabs Colour Pigment - Magenta (115 ml)

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The first integrated color mixing solution for resin, the Formlabs Colour Kit enables 3D printing in a range of colors without the manual work of finishing, dying, or painting.

Restock on Magenta Pigment to add pink hues to your Colour Resin.


These pigments from Formlabs, when used as part of the Colour Kit, can allow you to make up to 16 colours when following the Formlabs Colour Recipe Book.


Simply follow these instructions:


1. Choose your colour - pick a colour from the recipe book.

2. Add your pigments - using the syringe provided to add your pigments into the base cartridge as per the recipe.

3. Shake the cartridge - vigorously shake the base cartridge, turning it over from time to time as you do, for at least 4 minutes.

4. Print in your new colour - Once you're done shaking you are ready to print, simply slot the cartridge into the Form 2 and print as normal.


Form X is Formlabs' experimental product platform. Form X showcases innovative tools, materials, and approaches, for advanced users who want to explore the boundaries of what's possible with desktop stereolithography (SLA).

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