Essentium HSE 180-S HT

3D print performance polymers at speed and scale
Available to Order
Lead-time 2-3 working days
£200,000.00 £240,000.00
  • Print high-temp engineering polymers, including PEEK, PEKK and PESU
  • Print at speeds greater than 500 mm/s
  • Designed to maximise uptime and throughput
  • A reliable and easy to use production tool
  • FlashFuse upgrade available to solve Z-strength issue of FDM printing



The Essentium HSE 180-S HT 3D printer is Essentium’s top-of-the-range model, capable of printing low-temp and standard materials as well as high-temp polymers including PEKK, PEEK and PESU for specific engineering applications.

But that’s not all. The HSE 180-S HT is powered by Essentium’s latest-generation all linear servo motors with a direct-drive servo-controlled extruder system. The result is the ability to print at speeds greater than 500 mm/s. That’s 5 to 15x faster than conventional FFF machines, making it a truly valuable manufacturing tool.

The speed factor

Essentium designed the HSE 180-S HT to print significantly faster than conventional 3D printers. The printer uses an all linear servo motor during the X-Y stage to eliminate wasted movement during printing. In fact, it achieves a linear motion speed greater than a metre per second without sacrificing print quality.

The result is a faster 3D printing experience you can rely on, with the motion system specifically designed to cope with speed at scale, ensuring you can make the most of the massive 740 x 510 x 650 mm build volume.

The material factor

The HSE 180-S HT prints a wide range of engineering and performance polymers, as well as standard filaments and low-temp plastics.

The high-temp materials include PPS - CF, ABS, ASA, PEEK, PEEK - CF, PEEK ESD, PEKK - CF, PEKK ESD, PESU and PPA - CF. Many of these are used for specific engineering applications, such as PEEK, which is used in aerospace to make functional parts.

Additionally, the HSE 180-S HT prints these low-temp materials: PLA XTR, TPU - 74D, TPU - 74D ESD, TPU - 90A FR, PCTG, PCTG ESD and PA – CF, and these standard materials: PA, PP, PET, HTN, HTN ESD and HTN - CF25.

High-Temperature Materials

Key Industries:

  • Aerospace and Defense
  • Semiconductor Device Manufacturing
  • Oil and Gas

Key Applications:

  • High Pressure Mold Tooling
  • High Temp Jigs and Fixtures
  • Connectors
  • Functional Parts

“There is vast potential in the additive manufacturing market and even more potential for innovative ideas to be realized. We value our collaboration with innovators like Essentium as we aim to meet growing worldwide demand for production-scale 3D manufactured parts by offering users more control, more choice in materials and ultimately lower cost and higher volume.”
–Karel Brans, Senior Market Director, Materialise

More Information
Build Dimensions 740 x 510 x 650 mm
Brand Essentium
Dimensions 2.6 x 1.2 x 1.6 m
Filament Diameter 1.75mm
Print Speed 500 mm/s
Weight (KG) 950
Power Requirements 4 KVA, 220/240V 20A, Single Phase 50/60 Hz
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