Essentium started life as Essentium Materials in 2013 as a research company looking out toward the filament landscape. They developed new 3D printing filaments for industry to improve performance and manufacturing capability. They pivoted into 3D printing products in 2016 beginning with research into the interfaces of 3D printed parts.

After launching their first commercial products in 2017 - a filament line and commercial sockets for TriFusion devices - they identified their biggest opportunity to contribute to manufacturing on the production line with a 3D printer of their own. Thus, Essentium, Inc (the brand we know today) was born.

2018 saw the launch of Essentium’s first 3D printer line - the High-Speed Extrusion 3D Printing Platform - which now comprises 3 models: the HSE 180-S LT, HSE 180-S and HSE 180-S HT. These models print Essentium’s own materials, which are formulated to make full use of the super-fast print speeds of the printers.

As an innovator and thinker, Essentium is always looking for new ways to improve their user’s lives. Whether this be through a faster print technology, wider tolerances for materials or greater print accuracy, a solution to a problem is always in the works. This makes Essentium a truly exciting company to watch.