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3DGence printers are all industrial-grade 3D printers suited to rapid prototyping and final production. They all have interchangeable print modules unlocking a myriad of materials capabilities with a quick swap-out.

PEEK, PEKK and ULTEM filaments are high performance polymers suitable for Aerospace, Oil and Gas, Medical and Automotive industries. 

You can test your designs printing functional 3d printed prototypes with CoPA, CF-PC, PC, PA-CF, Nylon 680, PC-ESD, PC-ABS, Fiberflex, Innoflex, Flexfill 98A and PA6 - GF30.

Create low cost prototypes quickly with broad range of plastics. Commodity filaments gives you strong and accurate parts made from ABS, PLA, PP, ASA and more. UV resistant, elastic or biodegradable, it’s your choice.

You can achieve better quality of your parts with dedicated support materials. Choose best solution from soluble to breakaway materials.  ESM-10 material was the first soluble support for PEEK and PEKK. Reduce post-processing time and cost with 3DGence support materials.

3DGence supplies include a huge range of filaments you can try, test out and use in your manufacturing projects. Whether you’re a designer, engineer or manufacturer, fabricating is made easy with a 3DGence printer and our range of supplies.

If you are the owner of an F340, you can print with ABS, PLA, PET, PP, ASA, Nylon, PC, PC-ABS, PC-ESD and PEEK and support material such as HIPS. We recommend 3DGence’s range of proprietary materials first and foremost, for these are specifically engineered for 3DGence printers. They also include Fiberflex 400, a unique rubber material.

Remember that if you want to print with PC, PC-ABS or PC-ESD using your F340, you need to use a high-temp extruder system - the HT module. If you want to print with PEEK, you’ll need the HT Max module, which has an extrusion temperature of 340°C - 500°C. For printing ABS, PLA, PET, PP, ASA or Nylon, you can use the standard PRO module.

You can buy all your 3DGence supplies here at Additive-X. We’re an authorised 3DGence reseller and have access to all their latest products.