BCN3D Hotend Family for Epsilon

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The BCN3D hotend family covers a wide range of nozzle sizes allowing you to print from detailed objects to massive and solid parts in less time. It also includes Hotend X, only compatible with the BCN3D Epsilon 3D printer. Hotend X is made of hardened stainless steel and has included a combination of thermal and chemical treatments on the post-processing, creating an extremely hard and wear resistant nozzle, ideal to print with BCN3D fiber-filled materials PP GF30, PAHT CF15.


Thanks to the BCN3D Hotend Family and the unique IDEX system of the BCN3D printers you will also be able to push the limits of 3D printing by combining different hotend sizes. Every part has particularities and needs so it is wise to choose the proper hotend for each print job and have a rnage of nozzles for a variety of applications. 

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Manufacturer SKU 11010
  • 2x Hotend 0.8mm
  • 2x Hotend 1.0mm
  • 2x Hotend X (0.6mm)
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